Monday, June 1, 2009

Don't Let the Gospel Go Unheard

Hey all,
So I wanted to offer this encouragement to all who carry the Gospel to the lost. 

Sometimes when we witness to others it might seem like they are not listening, maybe they are passive, maybe they simply just walk away from you. Don't let your hearts be troubled, you have done what you were commanded to do, that is spread the word, if our command was to make sure the words stick then we would have failed but in the command to take the gospel into the whole world we have achieved this every time we talk about Jesus to someone and every time we left behind a tract somewhere. 

Don't stop giving of your time to the important cause of spreading the word, it might not seem like it but you are making a difference and someday when we meet the Lord and see all the souls that are experiencing the same the joy we are then we will see the ones who came to the Lord by a word we said, or a tract we left or a smile we gave. Then our joy will be even greater to see the work of the Lord complete!

-Peace in Christ-

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