Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Acts of the Holy Spirit

So at our small group on Wednesday we started reading the Acts of the Apostles. This details the early years of the church. One thing we all took notice of was that this was in fact the Acts of the Holy Spirit more so than the Acts of the Apostles.

So the question is do you have the power of the Spirit residing in you? If you don't there is a simple remedy.

1. If you are a Christian, all you need to do is pray for a recharging or refilling of the Holy Spirit each day. When you do this you will be amazed at the things you can do to further the Kingdom of Heaven that you thought were out of your comfort zone or greater than your capabilities. Certainly the Apostles couldn't have achieved the success they experienced without a daily filling power of the Holy Spirit.

2. If you are not a Christian, there is a dormant power available to you just waiting to be called into action. The Spirit can help to inspire you to search out a deeper understanding of why you are here, why there is a God and so on. With this Spirit's urging the hope and prayer is you will accept the gift of salvation paid for at the Cross of Christ. Then this dormant powerful Spirit can be enacted in your life and you too can have the indwelling and the filling of the Holy Spirit to allow your life to transform in ways you never dreamed possible.

Please take some time to ask questions, seek out why these Christians say Jesus is the only way to salvation. Ask the questions about why do I need salvation, what is sin and so forth. If you find someone willing to listen and work with you it is my sincere hope that upon hearing the message of the gospel you will accept fully what it says and give your life to Christ.

Have a great weekend!

I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me."
                                   -John 14:6-

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