Friday, September 17, 2010

Go "All-In"

Some time ago I got what I liked to call poker fever. It was back when Chris Moneymaker became the first real non-professional poker player to win the World Series of Poker held annually at the time at Binnon's Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. I played this game weekly with some friends, practiced on-line and even went to the local card room to hone my skills. Much like the famous call from a player who is willing to bet all he has on this one hand because he is sure he can win whether or not he has the cards to do so or not, I was "All-In" when it came to learning and dominating poker.

Years later now sitting in church last Sunday the pastor mentioned the phrase "All-In" when talking about our faith and our walk with Jesus. It brought back memories of my poker days when I was willing to risk my entire stack on a hand I was pretty sure was the best. The question is do I know have the same feeling about Christ and Christianity? Am I willing to risk my eternal destiny on some guy who died 2,000 years ago? That is truly what it means to be a Christian. You have to be willing to say to this God that you cannot see or touch that you believe He is the best bet for my life. You have to be willing to walk after His commands if you truly want to be "All-In" with Jesus.

His commands are quite simple and if you would read the Gospels you would find the gift of salvation quite attainable. There are no rituals, no amount of chores or works to get you in, all you have to do is admit you are in need of a savior to cleanse you from all unrighteousness, believe that Christ Jesus can do this and commit yourself to following His every command. This is what it looks like to go "All-In" for Christ. Yes you will have trials, you will suffer, hey you might even be harmed for you faith in the Savior, but if the Shepherd was killed what more might happen to the sheep? Going "All-In" isn't some decision that should be taken lightly, it should be considered the greatest life changing decision you'll ever make.

Look at your hand right now, you have the best hand possible, the hand that can take the pot, are you willing to bet it all and lay your hand down?

If you do you will lay down the Creator, Sustainer and Ruler of Heaven and Earth to take the pot of Eternal Life the greatest reward for the best hand in the poker game of life.

Go "All-In" today!

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