Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ministry, it comes in various forms

This past weekend I was privileged lead in the High School Ministries annual trip to Hume Lake Christian Camps. What an amazing time of fellowship, worship and spiritual refueling. I was so impressed with the level of deep conviction on the students hearts this time around and the guys really took the call to "take care of some business with God" seriously. They all met together and shared how they had been impacted by the message from the speaker Jerrod Rumley (Pastor of The Well Clovis Campus) and how they were going to help one another overcome some serious areas of besetting sin. What I realized on this trip inspired my mind to write briefly about ministry.

Sure Hume Lake is a great place to visit, with is pristine views and awesome staff. Sure the music from Christian artist Brenton Brown was outstanding, but what else was going on there that had just as much importance if not more?

Ministry was happening.

It wasn't always the hit you in the face ministry you might think of sitting in a church service on a Sunday morning when the pastor is giving a message, this was the day in day out ministry of disciples of Jesus Christ.

From students providing a shoulder to cry on for another, to Youth Pastors and leaders praying for and speaking with students who had deep questions about their lives, to the kitchen staff cooking meals, to the red coats supervising and growing relationship with students from every church, ministry was happening. Ministry takes forms in many different ways. It is simple really and can/should be a part of your daily life.

In whatever you do you can have a goal for ministry and evangelism. While driving down the freeway you can pray for the cars passing by, particularly the ones swerving all over the road, this can be a ministry. You can open the doors for people entering stores and wish them a blessed day, this can be a ministry. You can keep extra waters and fruit in your car and when you see a homeless person, instead of giving money you can give life providing food and water, this too can be a ministry.

You don't have to be seminary trained or an elder in the church to serve in ministry somewhere. Be creative, be genuine and always be about God's purpose to minister to a lost and fallen world. There is no telling what impact your ministry will have on this world when you faithful live out your convictions from the Holy Spirit. However, I can promise you this if you fail to make any effort at all your impact on the world will be zero. Let that not be our claim as Christians. Step up and step out in minstry to provide that life giving bread and water that is the Word of God through Christ Jesus.

Go make a difference today!

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