Friday, January 13, 2012

Philosophy Friday - Reasonable Faith

"It is sometime claimed that faith and reason are hostile to each other, and whatever is of reason cannot be of faith. But this represents misunderstanding of the biblical concept of faith. The biblical notion of faith emphasizes personal trust (fiducia) or belief in God and the data/content of his revelation (noticia). But belief in rests on belief that. One is called to trust in what he or she has reason to give intellectual assent (assensus) to. In Scripture, faith involves placing trust in what you have reason to believe is true. Faith is not a blind, irrational leap into the dark. So faith and reason cooperate on a biblical view of faith. They are not intrinsically hostile."

J.P. Moreland, "Philosophy." in Opening the American Mind, ed. W. David Beck, (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1991), 47-66.

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