Sunday, April 26, 2009

We need to reach them...Christ90X!

How many times have we walked past a homeless person and thought how sad? How many times have you walked by a teenager and thought what is that kid thinking, how could they dress like that? How many times have people walked past you and thought the same thing?

The fact is everyone in this world is in the need for something to fill the void in their lives. From wealthy CEO's to the kid failing in Algebra there are voids in everyone's lives. What can fill these voids? The world has seemingly endless ways to fill these voids, drink Pepsi, shop at Safeway, take this pill to feel more like yourself, what you really need is to drive a BMW! Maybe what you need to make that marriage better is a new spouse because the one you chose isn't quite working out.

Does any of the above sound like this world we live in? What can you do?

Well I have a special message for the ones who need that void filled...

You don't need those quick fixes anymore, you don't need to shell out hundreds of dollars to feel worthy or satisfied with yourself...

Two Thousand years ago God came in the form of Man just for you, just for that void in your heart. The emptiness in your heart is circle shaped and Jesus Christ is just the right shape to fill that hole. Maybe yours is a triangle or an octagon, well good news he too can fill that hole just right. Here is something else you might not have known, only he can fill this void fully, things might say they can fill this circle shaped space but their circles are a little too small, their triangles are actually squares. Jesus is the only one who is the right size, the right shape every time and he can come into your lives this day.

All you have to do is pray to him, to look into your heart and help you change the things of the past and use his shed blood on the cross to forgive your sins and turn your heart towards him. Then get a bible and read, get into a solid Christian community and get baptized. Then listen, read and follow what the Lord says through his word and in your prayers and you too can have that void filled. Jesus is not a quick fix but I can tell you that somethings that you desired to be fixed will happen almost instantly, the others through the course of you life with Christ will begin to be revealed and resolved. Sometimes the things you desired to be resolved won't be but you will see that through the power of God's very Spirit poured out upon those believers that you will have peace in the matter that is not fully solved.

You might be thinking this guy is crazy but hey give it a shot, give God 90 days, just like a diet or a work out regiment. Think of it like Christ90X, the salvation workout program and spiritual nutrition plan that will transform your life. And I tell you what if this doesn't work then you can return the Christ90X program at no charge to you and continue your life as normal. But I bet you will be happy with the results and so will those who come into contact with you. Give it a try and you won't be unsatisfied.

"I am not only the Christ90X President, but I am also a client."

Sorry for the bad hair club reference.

Have a great Sunday!

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