Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Romans 10...How Beautiful it is!

So tonight at our small group I led the discussion around this powerful chapter in the book of Romans.

Paul doesn't pull any punches here when he is dealing with Israel and their lack of taking the gospel for truth. Paul points out that much like what Moses and the Prophet Isaiah said that Israel would be jealous because a nation that did not seek God found him, yet God had always had his outstretched arms ready to welcome the Israelites in but they refused and denied Jesus as one of their own.

Time and time again even in our own lives we have denied knowing him, we have turned to our own righteousness to fulfill our eternal destiny, yet God has told us before that this simply cannot be the way. Imperfect beings could not possible live up to a perfect law. How " that Jesus came to be the perfect sacrifice for that perfect law, fulfill and making atonement for the law in full!

But there is an even greater part of this chapter 10 which gets me excited. In verse 15 Paul writes these words of encouragement

"...How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things!"
-Romans 10:15 KJV-

It is truly a beautiful think to see people sharing the gospel of peace contained in the pages of scripture. How precious it is that we were chosen to be the vessels to deliver this message to the world. I mean who else could do it but Jesus' servant and followers. The word will not just get up and walk around to people proclaiming itself, you and I have to take it as part of our command from Christ.

Do that today, tell someone of the love, hope and salvation of Jesus Christ!

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