Sunday, August 16, 2009

There are so many people to reach...ahhh

So be honest, have you ever felt like this. There are so many people to reach with the gospel, how can we reach them all.

I experienced this yestereday walking through a local mall. I thought to myself, man look at all of these people eating in the food court, look at the lines for that cash register. I began to feel quite overwhelemed. I felt like no matter what I did I could not possibly make a dent in the amount of people that need to hear the message of the gospel. It can really disable your ambitions of sharing the word with those who need it.

After a few moments of defeating thought I turned to the one place I could for the answer, no not the Oakland Raider Image store, which by the way I did stop by, but of course, God!

It was amazing what clarity he gave me on this subject. He put this on my heart, "IF YOU REACH OUT TO JUST ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE IT MAKES THE SIZE OF THE LOST ONE LESS!"

I never looked at it that way, if we chip away at the total of the lost each day by one then they will number one less each day. It kinda makes it all possible then. I then had another thought, what if I wasn't the only one doing this in that same place I had this thought, what if there was a group of us, then we would be making a serious dent in the numbers!

That is my invitation, try to reach the lost, just by one a day. I encourage of course more but hey one is better than none. If you want a partner and you live in the Bay Area give me a shout, I will come with you, we could even video tape it and post it for others to see that its not that hard or scary.

I hope your weekends were great and get out there and share the gospel , afterall its this same gospel that gave us the life that is in us, why wouldn't we want to share that.

God Bless my brothers and sisters in the Lord!

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