Saturday, October 10, 2009

Do what you learned as a child

Did you remember how fun it was being a child?

Rolling in dirt, playing ball with your friends, having sleepovers, eating all kinds of sugary candies and many many more things we enjoyed.

We are encouraged in scriputre by Jesus himself to become like a child. No this is not some magic time machine nor is it a scene from the 80's movie "Big" starring Tom Hanks. It is a picture by the way in which we should approach God.

Yes we are to be soldiers, we are to be strong, comforting, loving, and disciples for the Kingdom. But if we are to be these things then why did Jesus say also:

"But Jesus called them unto Him and said, "Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not: for such is the Kingdom of God. Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter it."
                                -Luke 18:16-17 KJV-

It is fun to think about this. Jesus tells us to do big people things like take the word into all nations and baptizing many. Yet unless we receive the Kingdom of God like a child we can not enter it.

This may take a simpler answer than we all might expect and in my last few words the answer may have all ready been laid down...

Still wondering...

It is simple...

Still wondering...

I just said it!

Children simplify things. They understand things on a much simpler level than you and I do, yet in our complexities we foul up the simple message of the gospel and who it was that sacrificed Himself for our salvation.

As we grow older we gain more knowledge which is a good thing, yet we can become puffed up with this knowledge and in turn forget how basic Christianity really is and we can create our own system of salvation instead of relying on the one that has already laid the foundation for it.

Children wouldn't make that mistake we did right there. They would just trust their elder (God) and know he was looking out for them.

Another reason we should receive the Kingdom like a child is because the one thing most children cannot not do it fend for themselves. As we grow older we learn to rely less on our parents and more on our own self strength and competencies. That is a good thing right, but when we forget where we came from, life as a weak child, we forget the one who provided for us.

This same theory goes for our walks as Christians. As we mature in our walks we put aside the things that nurtured us a babe Christians. Our prayer life suffers, we spend more time reading People Magazine than God's word, we just lip sync the songs in church. We become lazy, and self-reliant. That is why we do not see the need for the Father to continue to provide for us, well except when things go really bad right?

And how wrong is that, we call on God when times get tough instead of all the time. Is he some sort of Fire department or Police force called on when we can't handle that kitchen fire or burglar?

If he is to you please sincerly and quickly reevaluate the God in which you claim you are saved by.

My God is not some emergency backup plan and he shouldn't be yours either. He should be your everything plan. Just like Jesus said about the children and us, become like them in regards to the Kingdom.

Simplify your faith by trusting everything to him. That is your house, cars, job, marriage, children and whatever else you have. Trust it to him and believe he is the only one who can provide that for you just like the way little children believe that of their parents.

Keep It Simple Servant and serve Jesus faithfully!
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