Saturday, December 26, 2009

There's Life After Death

God can do all things, he provides strength to carry on, even when the whole world crashes in on our hearts, he will never leave us, we will find love and strength in His arms.

Even when we think that God should have done something to save someone, we mere mortals cannot comprehend the knowledge, mercy, compassion and understanding of our Father in Heaven. He knows whats right even when we think its wrong.

A friend of my wife's and I will be going home today to be with the Father and the Son and in this time of reflection God brought this to my mind when I was praying for the family of David our friend who was going home.

There is life after death, both in Heaven and on Earth.

Life will continue for Dave in Heaven with the Father forever more. But likewise, for the family and friends of those left behind, those who are grieving, sleepless and feeling hopeless, there is life on Earth for them as well. May they realize that though their loved one is gone, that the God who loves them, has still provided the opportunity of life abundantly on this Earth in which they still remain.

Until we all meet again, may David Kennedy rest and live in the peace and warm embrace of the Savior in Heaven, and may the Holy Spirit comfort the Kennedy family!

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