Sunday, January 17, 2010

Need a recharge?

So I am a self-described health nut. I love eating organic, I take loads of vitamins and supplements to keep my old body in tip top shape.

When I feel a little sick or under the weather I reach for the home remedies, elixirs and vitamins to supplement and solve my body worries.

But what do you do when your spiritual life and body need a recharge or they start to feel run down and under the weather...

Well do I have the supplement for you, its a old remedy and has a new catchy slogan,
"When your spirit feels like your run down bod, reach for Vitamin GOD!"

That's right a healthy dose of Vitamin G-O-D will cure what ails ya!

When you are feeling spiritually out of energy just reach for the Word of God, get on your knees and pray and I promise you he will restore your faithful soul to a refreshed sense and get you back out in the field to spread his word.

Remember reach for the Vitamin that many of the top disciples have used for centuries, reach for Vitamin GOD!

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