Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Because the LORD God of Israel...

In my morning quite time I read chapter 10 of the great book of Joshua. The Israelites are gaining strength and they are conquering many peoples along the way as the Lord God had commanded them to do. But on the second to last verse it reads:

"And all these kings and their land did Joshua take at one time, because the LORD God of Israel fought for Israel."
                                 Joshua 10:42 KJV-

Did you catch that part, because the LORD God of Israel fought for Israel, that is the key.

If God is for us who can be against us, but if God is not for us then how do we evaluate our actions, responses and postures towards him to ensure he is for us?

First off God loves all his creation. I know this might seem odd considering that means he loves guys like Hitler, Manson, Stalin, Ahmadinejad and etc. But He is just simply good. I threw one at you there is he just good or is he Good and Just?

Of course he is both and that means loving his creation equally.

I know, I know, Yes he did hate Esau but that was because of what Esau did, but he did not hate Esau in the womb only when Esau turned from God by selling his birthright. 

Back to my point...

However that also means judging his creation equally, that means my sins are counted equally with the sins of Pilate. We are judged on the same scale whether I think thats fair or not.

But when you think about it if God did judge on different scales how right and just of him would that be? No your very right, God should not show favoritism in judgement heres an example:

"Chris you have been a good guy, you followed your own right path, even though I think stealing is wrong you only stole a few small things in your life namely bubble gum, so I guess well your in! Just do me a favor and stay away from the bubble gum isle at our heavenly convenience store."

So I only stole little things and I was allowed entrance into the kingdom, well what about you maybe you never stole anything, how fair is it that a thief like me enters the kingdom? How about that guy that stole a car once in his life, should he get in? I mean I stole gum a few times but he stole a car once, which is worse, once or multiple times?

Do you see how this whole judging thing could get out of hand if God did not hold everyone accountable on the same scale? I hope you do. I doesn't matter, gum, money, boats, cars, if you steal then your a thief plan and simple and that's how the judge will see it.

So now your thinking well God is love and he won't judge me, and you would be right your god won't judge you, that's because the god you created in your mind doesn't believe in that but the God of the Bible is clear he will judge his people someday.

No one is perfect and I know that better than anyone, and God is perfect and his law is perfect by which he judges our actions and life. So how can we being imperfect hope to achieve this state of perfection and everlasting life. We can't imperfect will never equal perfect just like 2 cannot have the same value as 5 no matter how much time and effort 2 puts into being bigger and stronger and holier he can never equal 5.

Now don't loose hope, remember how I told you that God was perfect, well he is and he came down in the form of a man to pay the penalty against that perfect law that judges us. With his death, burial and resurrection Jesus defeated the law's penalty for us and if we take his name into our hearts and live him out, believe fully in his promise we to can be saved.

I pray this message reaches you with joy and you find the hope that I have found in the savior, Jesus Christ. Remember if God is for us who can be against us!

May God richly bless you this day friends!

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