Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last Night...

Last night as I stood, sat and jumped in attendance at the Oakland Raider Season and Home Opener I was in awe at the sheer volume 60,000 plus fans can make. It was amazing to hear the shouts of praise, of course there were also boo's but thats another story.

On a 4th and 15 late in the 4th quarter the Raiders Quarterback JaMarcus Russell hit receiver Louis Murphy for a 57 yard touchdown to put the Raiders in the lead late. The building erupted in cheers and screams and claps, and as I hugged my brother and high-fived fans around me I stopped and wondered for a brief moment why we were all going so crazy for a game.

Granted NFL football is quite exciting especially in moments like that, but when was the last time we cheered like that in church?

When was the last time we clapped that hard and hugged one another after the Pastor told us about the promise of the Gospel?

I dare to say not once if any!

And that's what has me thinking, since last night and this morning, how will it sound when Christ returns to this earth?

Will they cheer like we did last night in Oakland?

Will the noise be louder and will we feel the vibrations like we did when the Air Force flew 2 F-16's over the stadium?

I am not sure exactly but I would have to say yes! This will be the most climatic event in all of history and every eye will see Him when He comes.

When Christ returns it will be the end of the game after a winning touchdown drive, the opponent won't get a chance to tie or win the game, its finished. Jesus will come back as a Savior and more importantly to us who follow him and are oppressed, he will come back on a White Horse as a Conqueror!

My job and the job of those who choose to follow him is to get that word out to as many people as possible.

Living a good life in front of people and being a good example is nice but how will those you are around know why you are such a nice, polite, uplifting person if you never share that with them? How can they hope to achieve your relationship with Christ and the hope you have inside of you if you don't share that? How can they escape the judgement of the almighty if they have not been informed there is a judge who sits on the throne of Heaven rightly judging the people of his creation?

To the elect and workers in Christ, this is our message, get the word out.

Don't delay make it today!

Nice rhyme huh!

God Bless brothers and sisters in the way, and have a nice day!

Sorry, I did it again, I'm thinking might just write a Dr. Seuss book after this. :)

May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, Amen!

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