Sunday, September 6, 2009

Do we assume God is American?

This was a great question posed to me from a great friend of mine. He made the statement that he believes most Christians in America assume that God is the God of America alone. I think that most American Christians don't realize the same God we worship is also very active in the persecuted church worldwide. To say that God is just a white-Christian American is to miss the mark on the nature of God for sure. We must open our eyes to the church worldwide.

It is interesting to think that about that. Why is the Church persecuted? Why do some many people get violent or hate-filled when the name of God, Jesus or the Bible is spoken? Why are Pastors being imprisoned daily worldwide for spreading the good news and hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ? What is so scary about a Christian worldview to most in politics?

After pondering these sorts of questions I can only really think of one thing...


I know, I know, how do I know that Christianity is the truth?

Better still how do you know that it is not?

Why is nobody imprisoned for spreading the message of Krishna? Why haven't countries banned distribution of the Qur'an? Why don't New Agers face death for talking about the higher power of self?

Simple again I think... they all miss the mark for absolute truth. Here is what I mean. Christianity is the only religion to declare that God came in the flesh to die for the sins of man, and that believing in him and only him is the path to heaven. We Christians believe that Narrow is the path that leads to life.

"Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it."
                                           Matthew 7:14 KJV-

The world believes that wide is that same path to life and heaven. Much is the belief of Oprah Winfrey and her New Age belief system. To her there are many ways to heaven. You can see how non-threatening this world view is. It says that you are in control of your own morality, you set the bar for your way of life. Your are not governed by any authority above your own self-governing. You are your own absolute truth, that is truth and light in self.

"Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there will be which go in there at:"
                                         Matthew 7:13 KJV-

Now do we see why New Age belief is not persecuted but Christianity is? Do we see why the Buddha is  a safe image to worship but Jesus is outlawed?

I hope it is clear, the truth will always face the most opposition from forces seen and unseen, because it poses the greatest threat to self-righteousness and living a life that is pleasing to you and not others. Christianity teaches that God governs all, and truth is in him and life everlasting exists in his one way for your life. Jesus said:
"I am the way, the truth and the life; No man cometh unto the Father, but by Me."
                                       John 14:6 KJV-

This is the truth that strikes to the heart of unbelievers and keeps them at a distance. Why? Because as soon as you accept the fact that God exists, and you accept that he is a perfect and just judge then you realize you have to fall under his law. When you realize this your heart races because you realize you are subject to obeying those laws which means giving up all you want for all he wants.

But its not that bad, life doesn't lose all meaning, your hope is not dashed. When you realize what I have and many Christians worldwide have is when you surrender your life to your Lord and King he will fill the voids that were left when you gave up everything to follow him. You might lose that girlfriend you were living with but God may replace that with a Godly marriage in the future. The job where you stole money from may be gone but God will provide work you can be proud of and be honest to.

Life as a Christian is anything but smooth and boring, it is quite invigorating and full of purpose. Sure you can't really go out and sleep with whoever you want, and drink and smoke and shoot any drug you want, you can't continue to steal from work, or cuss out that guy that cut you off on the freeway, but really when you look at it where did that stuff get you anyway? Hung-over, depressed, feeling guilty, in prison or in the doctor's office for hypertension.

Give God a chance to transform your life for the better. Its simple really, yet it is very hard for many.

What you have to do is Repent, Trust in Christ, get in a good bible teaching church, read his word daily and do what it says. If you do those things, I promise you, you will see God move in amazing ways in your life!

God Bless friends!

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